Training my cuckold

Published: 08.03.2018

She has definitely warped my head by the things she has done lately. I finally told him he could go ahead and fuck me if he wanted, but that I might fall asleep on him.

No one else can do that. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

Definitely no more blowjobs. You like the taste of his sperm? It was shortly after this that I became pregnant. During this first year of extreme cuckolding, apart from his birthday and Christmas I never let my husband fuck me.

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In the big scheme of things, I knew I already had a great deal of power. I could have been a knot hole. While the femdom is having sexual relations outside of her marriage, she cannot be reckless. Punish him with real consequences if he messes up. The advantages to being a hotwife are numerous. He opened his eyes and saw my gloating smile.

Sissy Training

Sadly, I worried that it was his choice to want to be a cuckold and that would depress me so much. I kept him in the dark as to whether we were having a boy or a girl, and I of course had no idea who the father was, it could have been one of half a dozen men including my husband.

When it comes to implementing such training, a wife must either be in an assertive position with her cuckold or have assistance through the support of her stud. Knowing what that meant, he got off his ass and went shopping. Examples of passive methods: I softly placed my hand on his prick and moved it off to the side and stared at his balls.

    1. Federico_Esparo - 17.03.2018 in 23:10

      You can be passive aggressive by withdrawing sex. Take heart in the fact that underneath all his machissimo and pride, there is a cock loving wimp that is begging you to force him to do all sorts of nasty things.

      Quattro_VenDago - 19.03.2018 in 18:10

      I found this both irritating and distracting so I purchased a locking chastity device for his penis and made a point of keeping him locked up in it for days at a time. You need to take it from him - it's the only way.

      Matt_Groening - 19.03.2018 in 23:29

      Clean up that mess and get every drop out of me.

      Aaron_Aka - 28.03.2018 in 09:01

      He began to visibly shake and I repeated my command that now even sort of shocked me as it rang in my own ears.

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