Unknown ancient civilizations

Published: 20.01.2018

Still, the deeper they traveled, the more strange visions they were greeted with. If the terracotta statue representing a dinosaur were a fake, it would not be at all difficult to try subjecting it to radiocarbon 14 dating, asserts Tolone, but if the scientific report shows that it is authentic and aged a few thousand years, we would be faced with one of the most incredible enigmas of world-wide archaeology.

This mysterious civilization, which flourished between BCE and BCE, is characterized by its uniquely patterned pottery and by its bizarre habit of burning its own villages to the ground every 60 to 80 years.

The map contains civil engineering works: Dating back to the end of the last ice age 12, years ago , the recently discovered temple complex in south-eastern Turkey has been called the most important archaeological discovery of modern times.

In outskirts of Chandar, the scientists took over samples of soil and found out that the whole map had been most likely situated in the gorge of Sokolinaya Mountain Falcon Mountain. Extremely curious about the origins of the mysterious object, he increased the scope of his search to all the areas of the neighborhood; reading through other reports of the area, for if indeed this object was from an unknown civilization, there must be many other signs of its presence. Researchers know very little about this Amazonian civilization, so far, thanks to the pottery discovered during excavations, researchers were able to place the civilization in history around years ago.

Ancient Code

The city also had a functioning irrigation system, waterproof sewage lines and hydraulic mechanisms. For the next century, a series of Kushite pharaohs ruled a territory that far outstripped their Egyptian predecessors. They mostly contained information about trade bargains, marriage and death registration. So far, numerous discoveries have been made, some of them are square or rectangular structures, while others form concentric circles or complex geometric figures as hexagons and octagons, all connected by a network of wide avenues.

One has to wonder why this technology as well as the incredible methods used to build these megalithic ruins became lost in the immediate centuries afterwards.

10 Mysterious Lost Civilizations

It was a title given by the Germans under Captain Ritscher, who claimed the region for the Nazis flying two Dornier Wal Whale float planes from the survey vessel Schwabenland. Theorized to be the home of the Queen of Sheba, the Aksumite Empire was likely an indigenous African development that grew to encompass most of present-day Eritrea, northern Ethiopia, Yemen, southern Saudi Arabia and northern Sudan.

These finds confirmed the hypothesis of Chinese migrants. No type of salamander or lizard like this species is currently known, that has similar plates, but-- it is possible to take up any handbook on paleontology and it becomes clear immediately that the animal represented in the sculpture belongs to a species of stegosaur,-- a species of dinosaur with plates on its back;-- that scientists assert became extinct approximately 65 million years ago Based on some Indo-Greek coinage made using a metallurgic process unique to China, it is believed there existed extensive trade between the two states.

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      Undaunted, Chandragupta united the bulk of India under his rule and defeated all comers on the subcontinent. Unfortunately, the Xiongnu left few records of their own behind.

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      When the Hittite Empire the alpha dog of Bronze Age Anatolia fell, Tuwana was one of a handful of city-states which helped fill the power vacuum in what is now Turkey. While examining the stone, two shells were found on its surface.

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