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Published: 01.04.2018

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In this same city are modern apartment buildings and colonial-era gated compounds with attached servants' quarters. These beings may be male or female, benevolent or malevolent, moral or amoral, but they are all considered subject to the same laws of death and rebirth as other beings. Login Register Welcome to Expat.


When you are around his parents show respect for them by participating in Sri Lankan customary greetings. The coming of age ritual following a girl's first menstruation is an important marker of her entrance into the adult world, although there is no such similar rite of passage for boys. A man operates a Heidelburg printing press at a printer shop in Sri Lanka.

Fish are a large part of the Sri Lankan diet. Since that time, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a militant organization of Sri Lankan Tamils, have been fighting for an independent Tamil state in the north and east. Esala Peraherais is a popular festival in Sri Lanka, and it includes a lot of dancing and merry making.


Other symbols central to Sri Lankan Buddhism and Sinhala mythology have also become icons of national identity, such as the Tooth Relic of the Buddha, the possession of which has provided legitimacy to Sinhala rulers for thousands of years.

However, up north there are more traditional dressing styles. A Sinhalese Village in Sri Lanka: It's always a good idea to follow what the locals are doing. Symbolically associated with occupations such as rice farming, the largest and highest status Sinhala castes are typically land holders and recipients of service obligations from the lower castes.

I am loking for information about birthday celebrations in Sri Lanka.

    1. James_Bond - 11.04.2018 in 03:11

      American girl dating a guy from Sri Lanka? On the other hand, maybe they will love you no matter what!

      Jack_Espero - 18.04.2018 in 02:26

      Bodies are first embalmed in a secular, medical process and then returned to the families for funeral rites involving the gathering of extended family and the sharing of food, followed by either burial or cremation. I'am a native sri lankan and I saw some people asking additional questions here but they are too old to reply.

      Sasha_Sdobnov - 21.04.2018 in 09:59

      I would like to reference this site so if possible could you please send me the author, editor, last updated, title of website, etc.

      Ernest_Feed - 24.04.2018 in 23:10

      Further, the performance of certain islandwide customs, such as bowing in respect, serve as symbolic enactments of a national cultural identity. The majority of Sri Lankan families practice bilateral inheritance, giving a portion of the family possessions to all children in the family.

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